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Founded in 2001, Tecknico inc. is located in the Vaudreuil Soulange region. We are a specialized company with over 30 years of expertise in the field of air conditioning and heating. We perform repairs and maintenance of residential air conditioning and heating systems.
We currently serve areas of the Vaudreuil Soulange, West Island and surroundings. Whether for the purchase, installation or maintenance of all your cooling and heating systems, Tecknico inc. is undoubtedly the company for you!


Sales of air conditioning and heating equipment

Tecknico inc. can meet all your needs for HVAC/CVAV systems, it’s that simple! We provide a full menu of services for almost all heating, cooling and ventilation residential, commercial and industrial, regardless of the brand and the installation date.
» Training, qualification and experience
» Modern tools servicing modern equipment
» Sales, service, installation and preventive maintenance


Commercial and industrial services

Although our passion for excellence remains constant, we know that times are changing. We can offer a wide range of innovative products and services, more detailed to shops, building managers and industries of all kinds.
At Tecknico inc. our passion has remained intact: set industry standards for excellence in technical and service matters. This is what makes Tecknico inc. different. We believe that our customers recognize and appreciate this commitment throughout the Vaudreuil Soulange and West Island region.

Trust our professional team in heating and air conditioning.

We provide a full menu of services for almost all heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as for residential systems, whatever the make and installation date. This means you no longer have to look elsewhere.

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Technico can meet all your needs for systems HVAC/CVAC.

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