Natural gas heating

In addition to all our other services, at Tecknico inc. we have TAG-1 refrigeration technicians formed at the École de Technonologie Gazière of Gaz Métro who are certified repairers and heating specialists to natural gas for residential, commercial and industrial . We believe that natural gas heating is the best option! To become familiar with this type of heating, see the details below.

Environmental benefits

Natural gas is a fuel that produces an average of 30% less carbon than oil. As canadian natural gas resources are important and that its pipeline networks are reliable and well established, there is very little risk to the environment.

Comfort and efficiency

The natural gas heating provides comfort and a very effective heating: from 90 to 95% efficiency with the new generation of devices. This comfort and performance are highly popular among consumers.


The maintenance of a natural gas heating system is quick and at low cost. Not only natural gas costs less than electricity and fuel oil, but it is also more efficient. Our team will propose a planned maintenance of your system according to your use. A well maintained system increases the efficiency and durability of its performance.

Installation and service your heating system to natural gas

At Tecknico inc. , you benefit from our peerless services and installation offered by our qualified and experiences TAG-1 refrigeration technicians.

Finally, be it for any service provided at Tecknico inc. , you are always assured of the best service. Want to know more about our service solutions, maintenance and natural gas heating system? Call us now and we will guide you.